16th November 2018

Year 9 are amazing, Senior Student Leaders Programme and Exams

I am always impressed by the hard work and dedication of our students.  This week I’d like to mention Year 9 and all the students and awards that have been given.  These include Brandon Bevan and Hollie Moran as Amazing Historians, Summer England, Connor Austin, Jodi Inglis, Ryan Rowe, Angel Tiley Fay Badock and Erin Page for working hard in maths, Sydney Shambrook for excellent work and a fabulous attitude in photography, Paige Binley, Aidan Callicott and Jasmine Venning for working hard in English.  Students of the week in Year 9 are Jasmine Venning for being prepared, polite and helpful, Ellie Matthews for taking charge in a time of need, Summer England for always being prepared, on time and focused, Chloe McGowan for being a top citizen and helping with a poppy sale for the last couple of weeks and Lisa Wheeler for being a model student.  Well done to all of these students.  You really make myself and staff proud.

Turning now to Year 10, I launched this week our Senior Student Leaders Programme.  This is for 20 students in Year 10 who will be ambassadors for the Academy and represent us throughout the year.  They now have an application form to apply for this position.  From these 20 students, we will elect a Head Boy and Head Girl.

Year 11 students have also been informed this week of their Pre-Public Exams (PPEs), which begin on 3rd December.  This is a key week for students where they will be focusing on exams and practicing for the summer.  A PPE results day, just like the summer will be on 10th January, where there will also be a parents’ evening after this.

My very best wishes,

Lee Sargeant

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