23rd November 2018

Trips, Trips and More Trips

It has been another productive week at ASAP. Over the last week and weekend Mrs Tuft ran a number of trips for students. 10 students from year 7 mingled with other students from school across Plymouth in groups to complete a Lego Mindstorms Challenge.  They needed to build their robot and then program it to run a 5m course from the start to the end. Sounds easy! None of the 15 groups managed it. Cameron Cave with his group of peers from around Plymouth won the challenge and was delighted to accept his prize. What’s more, he immediately shared his winnings with his school friends. Also, we had a Dartmoor Zoo Women into STEM Careers. We ended up shuttling 20 students to the event to talk about and speak to potential careers and apprenticeships.  At least 5 students in year 10 have already applied for work experience with the contacts made. Mrs Tuft informs me that 3 year 11 students have discussed apprenticeships and will be putting in applications which is great.

Over the last weekend, six year 7 students spent their Saturday learning about coding various important tasks at the Met Office in Exeter. One was saving a satellite link to upload important weather information; a second was using Scratch to code animations and another provided by the Coding Club used some Raspberry pi and light boards to show how coding can be used. Alyx Savory used her coding panel and initiative to get Mrs Tuft’s attention. All of the students were very positive and were looking forward to try out their new skills after Christmas. They also got a goodie bag and will be presented their certificates at the next year 7 assembly. In addition to this, Ellis Chinn, found an iPhone 6 on the way to the bus. He handed it to me and the owner was relocated on Sunday. What a very honest and upstanding student from our Academy.  Well done Ellis!

On Wednesday we had visiting author Tom Palmer (@tompalmerauthor) who came to  Year 7 & 8 students about Armistice Runner, his pacey page turner which explores the history of World War One. It’s an uplifting story of adversity which has been awarded fiction book of the month. Students really enjoyed the day and the feedback from Tom was great.  You can find out more about him here:


Until next week.

Lee Sargeant

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