30th November 2018

PSHE Day and Knowledge Organisers

This week started with our PSHE day.  A range of activities took place for the whole school, who were off timetable.  These included looking at the dangers of smoking and alcohol, gambling and online gaming, hate crimes, interview skills, cyber bullying and the of not eating healthily, to name but a few.  Year 13 again spent time preparing for the future, with more visits to Marjons and workshops around careers.

Also, we spent time showing all of our students the new homework procedure after Christmas, which will consist of Knowledge Organisers.  This is a great system whereby teachers put all of the knowledge required for their subjects, for a term, on one or two pages.  This is then collated into a booklet and produced for all students to learn.  A range of self quizzing techniques and activities related to this are then completed by the student to learn the information.  We had all students in the hall and Miss Mills talked them through how to do all of this. Students were excellently behaved during these sessions and took away many new strategies for learning new information.  This has benefited students in other schools across the country in terms of preparing them for their exams.  We can’t wait for this to now start after Christmas.


Until next week!

Lee Sargeant


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