14th December 2018

Fire and Ice

This week, our Science teachers brought their subject to life at All Saints for over 100 local Year 5 primary school children passionate about STEM. Laura Asquith and Louise Cordrey delivered a dazzling FIRE & ICE Science demonstration in the style of the Royal Institution Christmas lectures, treating the young audience from eight different primary schools (Compton, Mayflower, Montpelier, Pennycross, Shakespeare, St Edward’s, St George’s and Weston Mill) to the visual theatre of Science in action. Closely linked to the curriculum, it explored ideas about particles, energy, chemical reactions and physical changes with an amazing, breath-taking accompaniment of music, sound, heat, light and colour. There was drama, tension, excitement, smoke, almighty bangs and gasps as ear defenders were clasped, goggles checked and the magic of science began: Liquid nitrogen shattered bananas like glass at minus 196°C, burning jelly babies whizzed and screamed, hydrogen balloons exploded, ice cream was created in less than a minute and sampled, alcohol and salt were heated to create dazzling flame throwers, thermite reactions melted the impenetrable at 2500°C and a methane rocket was launched across the room as a stunning finale.

More can be seen about this in our latest newsletter, on the newsletters page.

Best wishes,

Lee Sargeant

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