18th January 2019

Knowledge Organisers and Year 9 Exeter School of Mathematics Trip

We have now entered the second week back after Christmas and I have been really impressed with the launch of our new Knowledge Organisers and how many students are completing these.  Students are finding these incredibly helpful in preparation for lessons and the learning of content.

On Wednesday, year 9 students were selected by Exeter School of Mathematics to take part in an A-Level Maths courses. The students took part in a range of activities from finding different shapes on google Earth and then analysing the angles, gradients and designs of the shapes to making their own shapes/animations on graphs and how these link into the film industry. It was an eye opener for the students and outlined how many mathematicians are needed in the film industry as well as other aspects of life. The students have been invited back for another session in May.

Next week we are going to see the launch of our CoachBrite programme for students in year 11, which will see them supported with aiming high for the future.  They will benefit from trips to university, student mentors and extra free tuition in English and Maths.

Best wishes,

Lee Sargeant


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