15th March 2019

Options, Work Experience, Gardening Club and Parent Tours

This week has been yet another busy one with lots happening at the Academy.  Towards the end of last week, we had our Year 8 options evening, where students were able to consider their future careers and the path in which they wish to take to get there.  We have carefully looked at our options on offer next year to ensure they are what students want to do and prepare them for the future.  Our courses range from Motor Vehicle studies to Art and Graphic Design.  We also ensure that students have access to our ‘core curriculum’ of English, Maths, Science, RS and French.  After talking with employers I know these are the subjects that students need to take to be successful.  The Year 8 students now have picked their options and will begin these in July this year.

Part of preparations for careers is our annual Work Experience placements for Year 10 students.  I was really excited to see how many of our Year 10 students had secured Work Experience placements (80%) compared to only 40% last year.  This is down to the students’ hard work at following up on these placements and also the work of Mrs Jarwood (Careers Lead) and the Year 10 Head of Year and Tutors.  They go out on Work Experience next week so I wish them the best of luck in the workplace.

This week has seen the introduction of the Gardening Club.  I was amazed to discover a private garden within the Academy grounds which was much overgrown and neglected.  Together with Ms Doke a growing number of students we have started this club on a Tuesday night after school.  Our first job was to clear all of the weeks and prepared the raised beds to plant vegetables and flowers.  I have taken some pictures to show the starting points and will update you as we make progress through the summer term.  Next week we aim to plant broad beans.

Yesterday I was delighted to welcome many parents and their year 6 children to the Academy for an extra open morning.  I know some parents and children have still not made their mind up about a secondary school from September and wanted to give them the opportunity to hear a talk from me and see the Academy in action.  Our Year 9 and 10 student guides did a fantastic job at showing the parents and children around and answering lots of questions.  I am very proud that the Academy is a different place to where it was a year ago, where we now have a calm and purposeful learning environment.  I was so pleased to hear from many parents on the way out that they were now going to choose All Saints as the school of choice from September, and I look forward to welcoming them here.

We now only have 3 weeks until Easter and it will be a well earned break for everyone I’m sure.  Year 11 and 13 students are incredibly busy preparing for exams, which start in May and I wish them the best of luck during this busy period.

Until next week,

Lee Sargeant


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