7th June 2019

Welcome back: Football, New Staff, Houses and Mobile Devices

It has been good to return to All Saints this week for the final half term of the year!  Students and staff returned refreshed from the break and ready to start work again.  Year 11 and 13 students continue to sit exams as this season is well underway now.

Just before we broke up, there was a year 11 versus staff football match, to help raise funds for the prom. The build-up for this match meant that this was the most eagerly anticipated fixture in the All Saints sporting calendar, and the big crowd that attended were not let down.

The year 11s went into an early lead as Kian Brown’s ‘daisy-cutter’ managed to squirm through the hands of Mr Gilchrist into the back of the net. The teachers responded instantly with a good finish from Mr Pike, following a neat interchange with Mr Lucas. The year 11s again took the lead after Will Kean bundled the ball home from a corner. The staff again struck back with Mr Raymont himself bundling the ball in from a corner via his pectoral. Vincent then struck a fierce shot into the roof of the net to give the staff the lead for the first time, and prompting the year 11 goalkeeper to walk off the pitch. The staff then proceeded to take charge of the game, and only a combination of the woodwork and some fine goalkeeping from Curtis Lang, kept the score at 3-2. The year 11s made the staff pay for their missed chances as Bayleigh Webb headed home after Rev Bowden came flapping at a corner. Final score 3-3.

On to penalties, and after Kian Brown had his effort saved, Lucas took a stuttered run up, sending Bayleigh Webb to the ground, before slotting home. Ollie Whitehall then sent his penalty Burrington Industrial Estate, before Raymont had his effort well saved by Webb. Curtis Lang then saw his effort follow Whitehall’s into the industrial estate, before Mr Vincent had his effort well saved by Webb. Will Kean’s effort found its way into the side netting via a Gilchrist palm, 1-1. Pike followed this up to put the staff back in the ascendancy, which put the pressure on Joe Baker. He stepped up but his penalty was saved by Mr Gilchrist, sparking jubilant celebrations from the staff.

A great game enjoyed by all involved, raising nearly £100 for the year 11 prom. Staff won on penalties 2-1.  Thank you to Mr Lucas for the match report.

We welcome new staff this half term: Mr Buchanan (Deputy Headteacher), Mrs Harmer (Associate Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs Turner (Assistant SENDCO) have now joined Team ASAP!  They are all very welcome and have been getting to know our students and other staff this week.

Also this week, we have launched the new Houses and students have been getting to know their new form tutor and tutees.  We met for the first time today as new tutor groups and have been practicing our line-ups all week, where the whole school meets on the basketball courts in the morning ready to start the day.  This is a great way for us to meet as a school or as one of our values states, as a ‘family’.  Work has begun on new House boards which will be updated with students with excellent attendance and behaviour within each House.



Lastly, we also started our mobile devices ban this week.  It has been great to see so many students talking to each other at breaks and lunches and less time wasted putting headphones and phones away before lesson start.  We have hardly confiscated any phones this week as all students have been respectful of the new rule.  As of yesterday, 99% of students have been respecting the rule when we looked at the logs, with only a few phones confiscated on Thursday.  Thank you to parents for supporting us with this.

Best wishes,

Lee Sargeant


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