6th September 2019

Great results, new Yr 7s, staff updates and more!

I am pleased to welcome your child back to a new academic year here at All Saints Academy.  It also gives me great pleasure to welcome new year 7 students and parents to the school.  It was great to meet the students on Wednesday and see the class of 2024 together.

I am also delighted to be able to celebrate the success of last year’s Year 13 and Year 11 students, who together, achieved the best ever exam results the school has ever had.  This is a significant achievement for them and the school, and is down to the hard work and dedication of students, staff and parents. Good results don’t happen by chance; they are the result of careful preparation, effective work routines, excellent attendance, a positive attitude to learning and high degree of motivation and determination.  These were demonstrated by students throughout their studies and contributed to their success.

Staffing updates

I can confirm again that we are again fully staffed, with subject specialists at All Saints.  With a national shortage of teachers and the difficulty in recruitment we are in a very fortunate position here indeed.  New staff starting at All Saints this September are:

Miss Collins – Teacher of Maths

Miss Gessey – Second in Science

Mr Morgan – Teacher of Maths

Mr Keegan – Associate Assistant Headteacher and Head of Technology

Mrs Hill – Teacher of English

Miss Warner – Teacher of English

Mr Doyle – Teacher of Business

Mr Greenway – Assistant Headteacher

Also, I am sure you will join me in offering our congratulations and best wishes to Miss White and Miss Bennett, both of whom celebrated their weddings in the summer.

Rewards and Activities Days

As part of our continual drive to improve standards at the school Miss Bennett is continuing her rewards programme this year.  This sees regular rewards being given to students for excellent attendance, effort and achievement. At the end of each term there are also rewards trips offered.  More details will be shared with students in assemblies son how they can gain a place on these trips. In the summer term (July 2020) we will also be running Activities Days for the first time here at All Saints, where all students will get the opportunity to choose different events to take part in. This will include trips, residential and on-site activities.

Uniform and Equipment

Following my summer term letter, this is a reminder of some changes to uniform. Nose studs are not allowed in school.  This is due to health and safety issues that have been raised in practical subjects and is not appropriate jewellery to be worn to school now.  It is also worth reminding students that extreme hair colours and cuts are also not appropriate for school.

From January 2020 all students will be expected to be in formal smart black shoes.  As and when your son/daughter requires a new pair of shoes, please purchase smart black shoes.  As Year 11 only have 1 term left with from January there will be no expectation to buy shoes for this year group.

The full uniform guide can be seen on our website here:  There is also advice on where to purchase the best value for money uniform, including smart shoes on this page at the bottom.

With regards to equipment, this is important in order to be ready to learn.  To this extent we have provided every student with a pencil case, pens, pencils, a rubber and a ruler.  Please ensure that your child keeps this safe.  Items are checked by the tutor each day and there is an opportunity to purchase replacement items from the equipment shop each morning.

Times of the school day

Just a reminder that, following on from the consultation last term, there will be an extra lesson for Year 11 students only, on selected days of the week: Week A: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Week B: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. This will run from 3.10pm-4pm.  This is in order to help students prepare for this examinations next summer.  Any student/parent who finds this arrangement difficult, please contact your Head of House in the first instance to see how it can be resolved.  Thank you to the parents who already contacted us over transport issues which have now been sorted.

On Wednesday Week Bs only, we will now be operating a shorter day, with lessons lasting 45 minutes and the day ending at 2pm. This is to allow for essential staff training once a fortnight.

We will continue to open the school doors at 8am and offer free breakfasts.  Students should be on site by 8.35am when the warning bell rings, ready to line up with their tutor on the basketball courts.

Parents’ Evenings

This year we will be running a slightly different arrangement for parents’ evenings, with these starting at 2.30pm and running until 6pm.  This will allow for more flexibility in appointments.  The dates are as follows:

Year 11 – 22 January 2020

Years 9 and 10 – 11 March 2020

Years 7 and 8 – 10 June 2020

My very best wishes,


Lee Sargeant


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