20th December 2019

End of term trips

This week has been a busy one with various trips happening.  On Tuesday this week, 28 year 10 students went to Plymouth University to take part in a Masterclass day.  Upon arrival they were split into different groups and set to task straight away on various activities.

Working their way through tasks varying in difficulty from GCSE, A level and Degree the students proved themselves up to the challenge.  Two tasks that particularly stood out were the decoding task where students stripped back down a problem to base level before solving the sequence, a skill you learn at A level and above.

The group then broke down to smaller teams to complete a bridge building task that needed to carry a digger across a gap.  The ingenious ideas that the groups came up with got a special mention from the lecturers as the most successful out of all the schools gathered from Devon and Cornwall that day. I would like to thank Mr Renouf and Miss Wright for assisting in the running of this event and the pupils who took part, they are a credit to themselves, their parents and the school.  Well done

On Thursday we had our ice skating rewards trip.  It was great to see so many students earning rewards throughout the term.

I have written a letter to you detailing some important updates for January, so please do take time to read this.

Until next year!

Have a good Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Lee Sargeant

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