28th February 2020

Marjon University Trip, GreenPower Race and Ski Trip!

Last week, a group of 15 year 7 and 8 students had a great experience this week at Marjon University.  The students were learning about what it is like to go to university and how they could make this a future for themselves.  Students enjoyed a variety of challenges, including two presentations that they had to plan and deliver to other schools.  One of the teams even went on to winning a prize for the best new student society pitch. Teacher Mr Keegan commented “It was so great to see the kids opening their minds to the idea of going to university, for many this was a prospect that before the event they had not considered as an option. I was really proud of the students, they really committed to the activities and demonstrated great manners and confidence”.  Year 8 student Marley Gill said “This was a really fun day and really educational too.  The student ambassadors were great and really made university look like a good option for the future”. Special thanks to Marjon University for hosting us, we all came away really inspired. Thank you to Mr Keegan for running this.

Also this week, Year 8 and 9 students who are part of the academy’s brand new GreenPower Race Engineering Club, were loving getting their hands on some spanners and ratchets this week as they made some great progress on our electric race car.  A special thank you goes to CityBus who are one of our main sponsors. Here you can see students assembling parts to the freshly powder coated chassis.  During the summer term the car and team will be racing against many other schools at a variety of race circuits around the region.

Over half term we also had our ski trip. Our students enjoyed their half term All Saints ski trip to Courmayeur. The students did amazingly well with their skiing and have embraced the whole experience fully.  Thank you to Mr Lucas, Mr Pike and Mrs Branagh for running the trip.

Until next week,

Lee Sargeant

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