At All Saints Academy, Careers Education, Information and Guidance are embedded in the curriculum for all year groups in order to best prepare our students for the competitive world of work in the future.  You can see this by clicking on our road map here: ASAP Road Map.

Some ground breaking new research by Dr Anthony Mann of the Education and Employers Taskforce charity shows a significant link between young people’s experience of the world of work whilst at school and the chances of them becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) as young adults.

The research ‘It’s who you meet: why employer contacts at school make a difference to the employment prospects of young adults’ by the charity, is based on a survey undertaken pro-bono by YouGov which asked young adults aged 19-24 about their current employment status and to reflect on their experiences of the world of work whist they were at school. The findings were striking:

26.1% of young people who could recall no contact with employers whilst at school went on to become NEET. This reduced significantly to 4.3% for those who had taken part in four or more activities involving employers. For more information and to view the full report visit:


Here at All Saints  we endeavour to expose our young people to the world of work as much as possible in the hope of actively encouraging every young person to reach their potential both academically, spiritually and in terms of employability. If you are a parent or guardian you may contact us at any time, for information on how you can support your son or daughter. Or take a look at the resources further down the page.

Decision making is a key activity throughout life, and in Key Stage 4. Part of the careers education has been used to help students develop the skills, resources and confidence necessary to make effective decisions. As well as continuing to develop these areas, the careers programme in Key Stage 4 will pay particular attention


Careers Staff

Head of Careers:

Mrs Jarwood

Mrs Jarwood is usually available every day for formal or informal career interviews – students can drop in during break times or can arrange an appointment (self-referral) either directly or through their form tutor.


Enterprise Advisor:

Paul Tregedeon

Current Job Role: Head of Finance for Babcock Mission Systems; Leading finance teams across the UK to support the Global delivery of Secret and Top Secret military engineering, communications and data systems.

Past Roles: I began working within the finance departments of our local Plymouth NHS organisations. After studying to become a chartered Accountant, I moved to Bristol and continued to work within the NHS, before leaving to join Babcock and I have since enjoyed five years working between Bristol and Plymouth in various Finance Lead roles.

Interests: I have continued to enjoy Swimming, after previously competing  with Plymouth Leander for a number of years. I also enjoy strength conditioning and weightlifting. Further to sport, I keep my brain fit by reading every day, whilst continuing to study through various management programmes.

Enterprise Advisor: As a proud Plymouthian (Janner!) it is fantastic that I have this opportunity to connect to All Saints Academy. I specifically chose this Academy as I believe it is an exciting, vibrant school that truly represents the heart of Plymouth.  Education and learning at school it is the beginning of a journey of learning and self-development that will not stop at any point of our lives. For that reason it is critical for each and every pupil to get these foundations right, in order to successfully connect education and learning with the purpose and progression of a career path.

Careers South West


Careers South West advisors deliver advice and support to young people in this school to enable them to make a successful transition to the next stage of learning or into work. This is a statutory duty of the local authority and funded through a contract let by the local authority. The work delivered by Careers South West on behalf of the local authority has two distinct elements to it;

  1. Delivering Section 139a of the Education and Skills Act 2008 providing an assessment for Young People with Learning Difficulty and/or Disability as defined by the Act to carry out the statutory requirements surrounding their successful transition to post 16 education and training opportunities.
  2. Tracking and following up young people, in line with the requirements of Department for Education, to ensure they have an offer of learning post 16 and continue to engage in learning and work.

Next Steps South West


When it comes to deciding whether you want to go to college or university, it’s all about being in the know, and that’s not always easy. There’s so much information out there that it can be quite overwhelming. This can mean you end up drowning in details and missing out on opportunities as a result. Well, that’s where we come in. Through years and years of working in the industry, we know all about higher education and want you to, too. That way, you can decide if it’s for you or not. Why do people go to uni? What are the benefits? How do people pay for it? Where do they stay? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re in the right place. This site is full of useful information designed to help you think about where you’d like to be in the future and how to get there. We also signpost towards other websites that we think have really good information, which could help you make the decisions about where you want to go in life and how to get there.

Useful Additional Careers and Resources:-


What options are available for me? What career would suit me?


You can speak to the careers staff in school, your teachers, form tutors and of course your family! But in addition here are some resources that are useful:

The National Careers Service

  • Helps you with careers decisions and planning
  • Supports you in reviewing your skills and abilities and develop new goals
  • Motivates you to implement your plan of action
  • Enable you to make the best use of high quality career related tools.
  • Excellent Labour Market information that is easy to access as a young person



Icould is a small, dynamic charity, providing career inspiration and information for young people. They show what is possible in work and offer different ways to think about careers through free access to over 1000 personal video stories, detailed job information, plus practical tips, insight and advice.


Try the Buzz Quiz – it’s very informative!


Not sure which A levels to take? Have a look at this video and booklet from the Russell Group Universities website:


Career Pilot

Career Pilot is a matrix accredited Careers source providing an array of FREE career tools for every key stage.



A one-stop site for all career related matters – for students from year 10 upwards


Ok, so I know what I want to do – where can I find information and apply?

Again, school staff can help you! But here are some resources that will be very useful.


Be sure to make time to look for open days and evenings – these events give you an insight into the environment, information and an opportunity to ask questions! Lots advertised in the careers area at school – and lots of providers


Useful Job Sites:

Don’t forget to use the Careers resources to help you with your application, CV and interview techniques!