Head’s Blog

15th November 2019

Visitors, Big Boat Build and Upcoming Events

Again we’ve had another very busy week here at All Saints. At the end of last week we welcomed Johnny Mercer into the school. He had heard about the improvements here and wanted to come and see for himself. He was pleased with what he saw and thanked staff and pupils for their hard work […]

8th November 2019

Royal Navy/RAF workshop, student numbers and performing arts

On Monday the Year 7s and 8s enjoyed a fun and interactive performance workshop provided by the Royal Navy, the RAF and BAE Systems. The workshop tackled ideas of communications and the latest technology such as how those gadgets that we all rely on really work. Students participated in some of the demonstrations and problem-solving […]

1st November 2019

Welcome Back!

Only a short update this week as we have only just started back after the half term break.  We have begun the half term setting out our expectations again to pupils on how hard work leads to success.  Our mantra of work hard, be kind is really important to everyone here at All Saints and […]

18th October 2019

Ofsted and the Aspire Trip

We have now reached the end of a busy first half term here at the Academy.  It has flown by and pupils have made an excellent start to the academic year.   I can now share with you the outcomes of the most recent Ofsted inspection.  The first thing to note is that due to […]

11th October 2019

HT blog is live: Aquarium trip, Open Evening, PSHE day and staff training

This week, All Saints Academy took part in STEMfest 2019 at the National Marine Aquarium last week. This was in preparation of building their own flat packed boat, ready to take part in the Mayflower 2020 ‘Kids Afloat Regatta’ in celebration of 400 years since the sailing of the Mayflower. They had some fantastic fun […]

4th October 2019

The HT Blog is live: Ofsted, Sport and the Garden

This week has gone incredibly quickly and has been very busy.  On Monday I received a call from Ofsted to say they were visiting our school over the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday).  This was expected and we have been preparing for this, for some time.  Inspectors saw a number of lessons, talked to […]

27th September 2019

HT Blog is Live: School Video and Open Evening Preparations

Just a short update this week. We have had a busy week at the academy and students have been working hard.  On Monday we published our new school video.  We wanted to take time to showcase what we’ve been doing at the academy over the past year and our plans for the future.  A range […]

19th September 2019

Open Morning, Hero Students, Speaking Awards and Meet the Tutor Afternoon

The week started with our first Open Morning of the year.  It was great to meet new prospective parents and students at All Saints.  Feedback from those that attended was very positive and complimentary about our student tour guides, who made them feel welcome. On Tuesday I was filled with pride when I found out […]

13th September 2019

New Year 11s, Chromebooks, Sparx and More!

We have already completed the first full week back and it is hard to remember that we had a 6 week break.  Students haven been brilliant this week getting back to their studies and remembering our main mantra of work hard, be kind.  Yesterday I spoke to the new Year 11 students on their year […]

6th September 2019

Great results, new Yr 7s, staff updates and more!

I am pleased to welcome your child back to a new academic year here at All Saints Academy.  It also gives me great pleasure to welcome new year 7 students and parents to the school.  It was great to meet the students on Wednesday and see the class of 2024 together. I am also delighted […]