At All Saints, we have spent the past 18 months developing the quality of the curriculum and continue to do so.  The aim of our curriculum or our Curriculum Vision is that:

Pupils at All Saints have access to a world class curriculum – one which is broad, balanced, challenging and gives pupils a better chance of success than any other curriculum in the country.

The overarching curriculum vision is then translated into departments, where there is also a clear vision and intent for the 5 years of the course.  Key themes or questions underpins this, such as:

  • What will pupils be able to do differently as a result of experiencing your subjects curriculum – the subject’s intentions?
  • What ‘Big Ideas’ do you want pupils to learn over the duration of your course?   A Big Idea is a concept that helps us make sense of lots of otherwise isolated or disconnected facts. A Big Idea is a principle, theory, or process that serves as a focal point of a subject. A Big Idea changes the way we think about information.

Following on from the curriculum intentions and big ideas, is the ‘road map’ of what pupils will learn over the 5 years of study, in each subject.

Within the classroom, the curriculum is then shaped by a co-ordinated approach, often in the form of ‘booklets’, which incorporates the ‘All Saints Way’.  This is a researched informed approach, whereby the aim is to maximise the learning and understanding that pupils experience, in the lesson.  In turn, this means that the highest leverage activities are chosen and sequenced in a way to promote the opportunity for excellent outcomes.

We also have a comprehensive careers, advice and guidance programme.  More can be found on our careers page here.

Our extra curricular offer is also strong here at All Saints and a guide through the 5 years here in terms of ‘wider experiences’ can be seen here in our Road Map.



For any curriculum related enquiries, please email our Assistant Headteacher – Director of Curriculum (Mr Greenway) via this contact form: