Knowledge Organisers

Your memory is split into two parts: the working-memory and the long-term memory. Everybody’s working-memory is limited, and can therefore become easily overwhelmed. Your long-term memory, on the other hand, is effectively limitless.

You can support your working memory by storing key facts and processes in long-term memory. These facts and processes can then be retrieved to stop your working memory becoming overloaded.

Knowledge Organisers (KOs) are a key way to help you learn. Each KO has the key information that needs to be memorised to help you master your subject and be successful in lessons.  We have also introduced a new section entitled ‘Enquiry Tasks’ to ensure you are able to apply this new knowledge in a variety of contexts.

There is strong scientific evidence from cognitive psychology that shows the benefits of self-quizzing in promoting retrieval strength. This is your ability to quickly recall key facts related to your subject or topic.

How should I self-quiz and how often?

There are lots of different ways to learn the material in your knowledge organiser.

You could:

  1. Make flash cards based on the knowledge organiser and ask someone to quiz you.
  2. Use one of the thinking maps we have been practising with in tutor time. (See links below)
  3. Cover up one section of the knowledge organiser and try and write out as much as you can from memory. (See this how to video)
  4. Draw a mind map, jotting down everything that you can remember from the knowledge organiser.
  5. Make up mnemonics to help you remember key facts, then write these out from memory.

Thinking Map Links:

Week 1 Define: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes

Week 2 Describe: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes

Week 3 Sequence: ExplanationThinking MapThinking Map (with sub-stages) – Supporting Video/Notes

Week 4 Classify: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes

Week 5 Compare and Contrast: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes

Week 6 Cause and Effect: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes

Week 7 Analyse: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes

Week 8 Analogy: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes

Week 9 Evaluate: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes

Week 10 Discuss: ExplanationThinking MapSupporting Video/Notes


Homework Policy


Below are the links to the current Knowledge Organisers.


Autumn Term 2020

Year 7 Autumn Term 2020

Year 8 Autumn Term 2020

Year 9 Autumn Term 2020

Year 10 Autumn Term 2020

Year 11 Autumn Term 2020


Instructions for Year 9, 10 and 11 French KO work


Knowledge Organisers will be checked every Monday by tutors.  More details can be found in each KO.  A guide to using KOs can be found by clicking here: Using KOs Guide