Knowledge Organisers

Your mind is split into two parts: the working-memory and the long-term memory. Everybody’s working-memory is limited, and therefore very easily become overwhelmed. Your long-term memory, on the other hand, is effectively limitless.

You can support your working memory by storing key facts and processes in long term memory. These facts and processes can then be retrieved to stop your working memory becoming overloaded.

There is strong scientific evidence from cognitive psychology which shows the benefits of self-quizzing in promoting retrieval strength. This is your ability to quickly recall key facts related to your subject or topic.

Knowledge Organisers are a key way to help you learn. Each knowledge organiser has the key information which needs to be memorised to help you master your subject and be successful in lessons.

As part of the ASAP homework policy, students are required to complete one full page of their Knowledge Organiser each day for each of the subjects on their homework timetable in their practice book or 30 minutes per subject (parents / carers are encouraged to sign a student’s practice book to say that the student has spent the requisite amount of time on their homework).

Students should use their Knowledge Organiser after they have finished to mark and correct their own work (ideally in green pen).

Students must sign their self-check sheet after they have finished their homework each day.

Students must get their self-check sheet signed by their tutor each morning in tutor time.

Video on how to complete Knowledge Organisers.



Homework Policy

Letter to parents.

Follow up letter – Knowledge Organisers

Below are the links to the Knowledge Organisers.

Autumn Term 2019

Year 7 Autumn Term 2019

Year 8 Autumn Term 2019

Year 9 Autumn Term 2019

Year 10 AutumnTerm 2019

Year 11 Autumn Term 2019


Summer Term 2019

Year 7 Summer Term 2019

Year 8 Summer Term 2019

Year 9 Summer Term 2019

Year 10 Summer Term 2019

Year 11 Summer Term 2019


Spring Term 2019

Year 7 Spring Term 2019

Year 8 Spring Term 2019

Year 9 Spring Term 2019

Year 10 Spring Term 2019

Year 11 Spring Term 2019


Knowledge Organisers will be checked every morning in tutorial time by tutors.  More details can be found in each KO.  A guide to using KOs can be found by clicking here: Using KOs Guide

A tutorial video can also be found here: