Our Mantras

Together We Succeed

At All Saints we are a family.  We work together to achieve success.  Staff care about the futures of our students and work together to help them achieve their best.  ‘Together’ also includes working with parents and other key partners, such as the Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust, Plymouth City Council, Marjons University and the Diocese of Exeter.


Work Hard, Be Kind

We believe wholeheartedly in the traditional values of hard work and kindness. Our Academy is warm and caring but is also strict in setting standards.  We remind our students frequently everyday to ‘work hard, be kind’.

Our expectations of students and staff are exceptionally high, and we take this approach because we care very much about our students’ future and their long-term happiness. If poor attitude or poor behaviour goes unchallenged, it is all too easy for disruption to damage learning opportunities and to create unhappiness for the student and for all their peers.

We focus hard on student achievement. We believe in all our students and we expect that each one of them is capable of making rapid and substantial progress. Meeting that goal requires hard work and dedication from all of us – teachers, students and parents together.


No Excuses

We expect students to try their very best, each and every day. This will lead to effective habits and mastery. We do not make excuses for not trying hard and work together to overcome problems.  For example, we expect every student to complete their homework everyday.

No excuses, no opt-out.
By not accepting excuses allows our students to make more rapid progress and achieve well in their exams. By taking this approach they will have access to a range of opportunities and can go on to do amazing things with their lives. Excuses lead to failure – no excuses leads to success.