26th April 2019

Welcome back: new staff, Ofsted,

We returned on Tuesday after the Easter break ready for this new term.  We welcomed new staff members this half term – Miss Tombs (Assistant Headteacher), Miss Sykes (Associate Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO) and Mrs Mills (Examinations Officer).


We continue to work on the garden and this week have been planting broad beans, peas and french beans.  It will be good to see how these develop over the coming months.



Just before the break, we had a visit from Ofsted and the monitoring letter has now been published and can be seen here: Ofsted Monitoring Report April 2019  They continued to recognise the improvements that are being made, commented on senior leaders being ‘impressively clear’ and how ‘pupils conduct themselves well in lessons and around the school’, which was good to hear.  Well done to all our students and staff for this.



This weekend, Mr Gilchrist, the Head of Year 11 will be running the London Marathon for charity.  We wish him well and look forward to hearing about his experiences on Monday.


We have been doing a great deal of work around being clear on our mission and values here at the academy.  We have now agreed that what we are aiming to do here.  All Saints Academy ensures that every student is well-educated, prepared for the future and is able to live life to the fullOur mission here at All Saints is summarised by the motto ‘Together We Succeed’. We still continue to base our decisions on our four values (or the 4 Fs) as we call them: Faith, Foundations, Family and Futures.  We have begun to write our mission and values around the school, starting with the main entrance.


One final point to mention is that we ended the last term with a rewards day for students with excellent behaviour and attendance.  Miss Bennett organised a great deal of fun activities at the YMCA, including inflatable games that students really enjoyed.


Best wishes,

Lee Sargeant


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