14th June 2019

Met Office Trip, Charity Work and Eggs!

The blog is here one day early this week, due to school being closed tomorrow (Friday) for staff training.  This is an opportunity for staff to plan the curriculum for next year and build on the work we have already been doing with over 20 other schools across Devon and London.  This has been part of a curriculum project where we are all doing the same work and it is being planned to the highest standard.

Last weekend Mrs Tuft and 11 ASAP students made their way through some stormy weather to the MET Office Science Camp in Exeter to learn some of the science behind the weather.

They reported that they had a great time and have agreed to do an assembly to share some of what they did.

During the Science Camp they completed lots of workshops straight after school until nearly 10.00 PM and finished with more on Saturday until 12 noon. The students learnt about different weather phenomena and how to put the science into a forecast using a hands on approach such as clouds in a bottle, satellites & instruments, flood damage & hazards and they even presented via a green screen. They also looked at the MET Office customer base and even space weather.

The students represented themselves and the school well. Some fantastic questions, teamwork, sharing with others and mixing with other teams as well as lots of stepping out of their comfort zones.

By the time we returned to school they were very tired but absolutely loved it.  Thank you to Mrs Tuft for running this trip.

Also in the news this week, Mason Bowring, in year 8, who recently undertook the ‘Step out for Stroke’ walk to raise funds for the charity.

‘Grandad has said that when Mason was two days away from his fourth birthday, he asked him to take him to the park, which he readily agreed to as he loved spending time with Mason. When he had finished playing, they set out for home. Half way there, Grandad sneezed and immediately went blind. Grandad explained to Mason what had happened and his reaction was “don’t worry Grandad, I’ll get you home”.

He held onto Grandad’s arm and pushed his trike across two busy junctions. He then used Grandad’s mobile phone to call family for help. An ambulance was called, and they confirmed that he had suffered a stroke. Since then, Mason has taken part regularly in Step out for Stroke to help raise awareness and also raise funds. The next event is at Central Park on 22 June, and, once again, Mason will be taking part.’

Well done Mason, everyone at All Saints is extremely proud of you!

We are also pleased to announce that our first ASAP chick hatched this morning. The eggs are all rare breeds from the RBST watchlist. Once all have hatched they will go back to EGGucation.  You can see a live feed of this on our Facebook page.

Have a good weekend.


Lee Sargeant


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