21st June 2019

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This week some of our students took place in the Book Event with other local schools, where they had to present to an audience on the book they have been reading.  Mrs Little, librarian, reports that ‘they did really well and I was so proud of them. They were a little nervous but stood up there in front of everyone and did it perfectly. We came 4th out of 10 schools that were taking part. They were also a pleasure to take out and very well behaved; Lucy asked the author (Tanya Landman) some really good questions too. They have worked really hard since April reading all the books (8 in total) and writing reviews on the shadowing website. The book we voted for was also the winner of the Cranegie and Shadowing award (Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo) so we were very excited.’  Well done all.

The students were:
Lily Harris
Porshia Stone
Lucy Ayres
Aimee Ellis
Fay Baddock
Ryan Rowe

A few weeks ago a few members of staff commented that we had a flag pole outside the school.  Having been here almost a year now I must say that I didn’t notice it.  We have now found the All Saints flags and have raised the first one.

Next week we have many year 5 primary school students visiting us for a day to see what All Saints has to offer.  We are really looking forward to welcoming these students to our school.


Have a good weekend.

Lee Sargeant


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