8th November 2019

Royal Navy/RAF workshop, student numbers and performing arts

On Monday the Year 7s and 8s enjoyed a fun and interactive performance workshop provided by the Royal Navy, the RAF and BAE Systems. The workshop tackled ideas of communications and the latest technology such as how those gadgets that we all rely on really work.

Students participated in some of the demonstrations and problem-solving games. Students were obviously challenged by some of the catching and throwing capabilities while showing how a simple mobile call is made. During another episode, a single brave student entered a blackout tent using night vision goggles to discover what objects were hidden in some boxes, we are still missing the snake! One of the funniest moments was of the simple communication task where a student had to draw what another student described. How hard can that be! Really hard apparently, as a simple house turned out to be a very funny home! The final task was centered around how parts of technology used in the multi-million pound F35 jet fighters are actually being used in simpler technologies such as the latest trending hover board and the robotic worlds. A very enjoyable session for all of the students and some very positive comments as they went back to class.

I was also pleased to receive numbers for new year 7 students coming into the school in September, this week.ย  Numbers are up on last year, quite significantly and it is pleasing to see this as a result of how much the school has improved.

The performing arts department are also preparing for shows this year by launching their lunchtime club. This is an exciting opportunity for all of our students with a love of performing to take part in an extra-curricular opportunity. Every Thursday lunchtime, there is a chance to be a part of our first Musical Theatre number from The Greatest Showman.

As the colder weather comes along, we advise students to bring a coat to school so that they can keep warm.

Best wishes,

Lee Sargeant


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