22nd November 2019

More visitors and the GreenPower Project!

Despite a few days of awful weather, we have had a productive week at All Saints.  I started the week meeting Charlotte Holloway, Labour Candidate at the next general election for this constituency.  After meeting Johnny Mercer the week before, she was keen to visit also and see the work we are doing here and the improvements that have been made.

Over the last week Mr Keegan opened applications to all of year 8 students for the GreenPower team.  This is a really exciting project and a fantastic opportunity for students who enjoy technology and the idea of being an engineer or working within the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) sector.  This is a racing series where students design and build their own eco-friendly race car and race it against other schools in regional qualifying rounds including Predannack heat and Castle Combe. There is a great deal of information about the project on the website if you’d like to find out more:

There are three levels to this, one called the ‘Goblin’ which is aimed at primary students.  We are involved in Formula 24 and there is also a Formula 24+ for post 16 students and FE.

This will be the first year All Saints Academy will be involved in this scheme and the students who become part of the team will have a fantastic learning experience.

The project will involve a team of 6 students. The team will work in their own time during after school sessions to develop and enhance the car.  We are starting with a kit which we have managed to obtain for the academy thanks to a very generous sponsorship donation from CityBus Plymouth as well as receiving a grant through Motorola.  We are extremely grateful to these two sponsors for making this amazing project possible for our students.

The cars are designed for endurance and will be ranked in competition by the total distance they cover on one pair of 12V car batteries within a 90 minute race. We intend to embed into the project and to involve local specialists and employers to help enrich the knowledge of the team and further tweak the performance of the cars.  We will update you as this project progresses.

Lastly, just a reminder that on 28th November, it is our PSHE day and then on the 29th November is a staff training day as per the school calendar, so school will be closed to pupils.



Best wishes,

Lee Sargeant


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