13th December 2019

Student Elections and Christmas Jumper Day

As we head to the last week of term, much is still happening at the academy and we do not seem to be winding down yet!  This week, for example, we had our student parliament election at the school.  This was an opportunity students and staff to vote for student parliament representatives.  There were 4 parties running for the election with different manifestos on issues at the school, that matter to students.  We also ran alongside this a mock general election. The Good Deeds Party won for the student parliament election. Interestingly, the Labour party won here for the mock general election, although this did not reflect the national opinion.  More will follow on the student parliament as it develops, including the Student Prime Minister.

Today we have raised money for Save the Children with our Christmas Jumper Day.  There were some excellent jumpers worn by staff and students.  Thank you to all who donated to this.

Next week is the final week of term.  On Friday we will be having our annual Christmas lunch for all students and staff, provided free of charge by the school.  This worked really well last year and was a lovely way to finish the term.  It will also be a non-uniform day for students and staff.  £1 donations will be taken on the door and put towards student rewards in the new year.  We will finish at approximately 12.15pm on this Friday, once all students have finished their lunches.

I will be writing an end of term letter to parents next week updating you on what is happening next term.  Please do look out for this.

Until next week.

Best wishes,

Lee Sargeant

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