6th March 2020

Headteacher Visits, Admissions and Sixth Form

It has been a relatively quiet week here at All Saints.  Year 11 have been receiving mock examination feedback and working hard on preparing for their summer exams.  On Tuesday, we hosted 10 Headteachers from school’s across the South West.  They visited for the day to hear about the improvements the school has made over the last 18 months.  The feedback was incredibly positive after touring the school, putting us on firm footing for further improvements over the coming years.  We also received our applications for students starting in Year 7 in September.  I was really pleased to have received over 50 more applicants compared to last year, making our new Year 7s the largest year group in the school, and almost at full capacity.


Finally, I have been discussing with our partner school, Marine Academy Plymouth Sixth Form provision and together, we are planning on opening a new joint sixth form in the coming years.  This will be an amazing opportunity for our students to have choices beyond Year 11 here at our two schools.


Until next week,

Lee Sargeant

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