Academy Essentials


Bus Timetable

Bus Timetable

The Academy Day*

This is the timings of the school day from September 2020, with amendments made due to Covid-19.

Time Activity
8.00 Academy doors open to students to move to allocated year group areas
8.15 Period 0 – Year 7 reading and Year 11 revision
8.35 Warning bell and movement time. Students move to Period 1 lessons
8.40 Period 1
9.55 Bell rings and movement time to period 2
10.00 Period 2
11.15 Tutor Time for KS4 students

 Lunchtime for KS3 students

11.45 Tutor Time for KS3 students

 Lunchtime for KS4 students

12.15 Period 3
1.30 Bell rings and movement time to period 4
1.35 Period 4
2.50 End of the academy day
2.50-3.50 Period 5 for Yr 11s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Extra-Curricular activities/clubs