School Closure Work

Daily Work Schedule

We know this is a difficult time for everyone, especially when working from home.  Here we have provided a daily timetable for you, which we hope you find useful until we return to school. Staff have done their best to ensure our daily expectations are not only clear but also manageable based on the feedback we have received from you. 



Each day you will receive a daily email at 9.00am to your school account.  The email will contain a hyperlink to a Google Form which contains all the work for that day.  You need to work through the form and then click ‘submit’ at the end of it.  This allows us to track the work set and support you if you are struggling either to access the on-line work or the content.  These links will also appear on our website.


We have added a ‘live stream’ chat facility which will allow students direct access to teaching staff so they can ask for help and support if stuck. The timetable is on the form which is sent out.


We have also included an ‘Enrichment Activity’ section.  This contains optional tasks i.e. PE, Technology, Art that you might like to access.


Online Learning for Years 7 and 8 

If you have any concerns or issues with logging on to google or accessing your school emails please email for support.


Daily Work (4 hours a day)

Online Learning for Years 9 and 10 

If you have any concerns or issues with logging on to google or accessing your school emails please email for support.

Daily Work (5 hours a day)



Tutor reading – 15 minutes

Each day there will be 15 minutes of tutor reading which you will be able to watch via our School’s YouTube channel.  There will be a very short Google Form to complete once you have watched it.

Maths – 1 hour

Sparx – Classroom to be completed Monday – Wednesday.  The compulsory homework to be completed each Thursday, plus students should complete the optional and target sections of the work on Friday.

Knowledge Organiser – 30 minutes

Complete homework book and knowledge organiser work using the new timetable above (not the one printed in your Knowledge Organiser) and then complete the on-line Google Form to check you have learnt it.  We expect you to get at least 80%.

Independent reading – 15 minutes

Each day you should read your own reading book for 15 minutes. Complete the Google Form to say which pages you have read.  Ask your parents to sign your Knowledge Organiser.  

Video lesson – 1 hour

This will be a lesson delivered by a member of our staff on a rota that will have an input of material followed by a task for you to undertake.


Other resources for working at home

Please also find this document on structuring your time away from school:

Structuring time away from school


Contact List of Staff Emails


Chaplaincy Support

Chaplaincy support during school closure

Quiet Time Powerpoint for families

Chaplaincy Listening Service

A Christian response to coronavirus


Well-being Guide

Well-being guide during school closure

Nuffield health also have more information on their website:


Weekly Well-being Workout

This week’s well-being workout