The academy operates a vertical tutoring system. This means that instead of the academy being organised into year groups, registering together, we have broken them up into four Houses. Each House contains eight form groups which comprise of year 7 to year 11 students.

These form groups meet during the academy day to take part in the assembly and tutorial activities programme. During this time students engage in group activities, house competitions, sporting challenges, reading and thinking exercises. The purpose is to prepare them, challenge them and to stretch them.

The Houses are designed to offer a consistent experience for the student’s time in the academy. At the same time each House strives to establish its own identity within the academy community.

Each House has 6 tutors, a Student Support Officer (SSO) and the Head of House (HOH). Each House is named after famous people who lived and worked in Plymouth.  They are:

Astor House – Named after Nancy Astor, the first female MP to take her seat in the House of Commons.  She represented the Plymouth Sutton constituency.  The HOH is Mr Gilchrist and the SSO is Miss Liddell.

Scott House – Named after the famous explorer and Royal Navy officer, Captain Robert Scott born in Plymouth. The HOH is Mr Lucas and the SSO is Mrs Hyde.

Drake House – Named after Sir Francis Drake, the famous sailor and explorer, based in Plymouth. The HOH is Miss Bennett and the SSO is Mrs Bosley.

Weston House – Named after Dame Agnes Weston, a charity worker who devoted her life to helping sailors in the Royal Navy. Much of her work took place in Devonport. The HOH is Miss Pengelly and the SSO is Mrs Ham.