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Our Trust of Schools


Our aim is to prevent bullying through education, by prompt and sustained response to reports of bullying, and by developing the confidence of students. We aim to have a culture of bravery, love and legacy and respect where difference is valued. The School aims to foster an atmosphere of friendship, mutual trust, respect and consideration for each person within the community.

To establish an ethos where students set a good example to others. To encourage all members of our school community to recognise bullying, acknowledge its unacceptability and report it.

We have a system of support for students who have been bullied and a system of clear, fair and consistent responses to incidences of bullying ensuring that everyone is in a supportive, caring and safe environment. Bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our community. Bullying is defined as repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically and is often aimed at certain people because of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation or any other aspect such as appearance, disability or SEN need. It might be motivated by actual differences between children, or perceived differences. Bullying will not be accepted or condoned. All forms of bullying will be addressed.

Bullying can include but not limited to:

  • Emotional harm;
  • Physical harm;
  • Social bullying;
  • Social media;
  • Filming students/staff without consent;
  • Posting inappropriate content/filmed incidents online/sharing;
  • Threatening behaviour;
  • Name calling;
  • Sexting;
  • Cyber bullying;
  • Sexual exploitation.

Bullying can impact on a students’ attendance and attainment at school, marginalises those groups who may be particular targets for bullies and can have a life-long negative impact on some young people’s lives. We continue to promote a culture of high expectations and work with our community to ensure that our students have a sense of pride and feel happy and safe to be a part of our community. All bullying incidents will be treated and addressed individually, and we will apply the full range of sanctions depending on the severity, frequency and seriousness of the incidents(s).