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Our Trust of Schools

Financial and Funding Support (Pupil Premium)

At All Saints our students are at the heart of everything we do; we are a community committed to creating opportunities for students to develop high aspirations, to make progress, and take advantage of all that the school has to offer.

Fundamental to this aim is ensuring that students in receipt of Pupil Premium are supported and challenged to take a full, active part in school life, engaging with their learning, both in school and at home, embracing the culture of high expectations and accessing our excellent extra-curricular activities.

Research shows that when students receive high quality teaching and instruction, disadvantaged students benefit to a greater degree. Our main priority for the school, therefore, is to deliver excellent and innovative adaptive teaching which will give all students the opportunity to excel, improving our students’ life chances and academic outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pupil Premium Grant?

The Pupil Premium Grant is additional funding allocated to schools to help them improve the attainment of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Funding is allocated to schools based on the number of pupils they have who are, or have been, eligible for free school meals in the last 6 years. For more information about the Pupil Premium please click here.

Am I eligible for Free Schools Meals?
If you believe your child may be eligible for Free School Meals, please contact [email protected]

What is the Service Pupil Premium?
The Service Premium is not part of the Pupil Premium. It is used to provide mainly pastoral support for service children. If you believe your child may be eligible for Service Premium for more information please click here.

Who can I contact at ASAP if I have a query about the Pupil Premium?
 Mr Graeme Thornton, Deputy Headteacher - Director of Social Justice. Email:  [email protected]

Pupil Premium Plus
Children who are ‘looked after’ or under a Special Guardianship Order attract Pupil Premium Plus (or LAC) funding. The LAC premium is managed by the designated Virtual School Head (VSH) and used without delay for the benefit of the looked after child’s educational needs as described in their personal education plan (PEP). Our designated teacher for Looked After Children is Quentin Gunderson – [email protected] 

Pupil Premium Provision 2021-24
Pupil Premium Strategy Statement and Impact Report 2023-24