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Our Trust of Schools

Pupil Parliament and Leadership

At All Saints we have many ways for students to get their voice heard and to make a real difference in building our legacy.

Pupil Parliament:

Tutors vote for their member of parliament and these representatives meet on a fortnightly basis to discuss key issues. They are led by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister who are voted for by the whole school. At different points of the year, students from the Pupil Parliament are invited to meet with the school leadership team, Governors, local MPs and more. These provide superb opportunities for students to develop their discussion and debating skills.

Student Headship Team:

In Year 11 a small group of students are invited to take on the role of the Student Headship Team. These students become school leaders and work alongside members of the school leadership team to help support the workings of the school. Their different roles support the key values of Legacy, Bravery and Love.


A small group from each year group is invited to take on the role of prefect. These students fully represent the All Saints values of Bravery, Legacy and Love and demonstrate these in their conduct about the school. They are coached on supporting students in order to ensure that everyone has a positive experience throughout the school day.

Pupil Voice:

Through both surveys and focus groups, we collect a wide range of responses from students. This allows us to make the school even better and improve everyone’s experience.